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IPack stands for the Integration of industrial packaging in today's environment.  The fact that plastics, steel and other industrial packaging are put in a negative day light because of its polluting character helped us creating a network of business people and production solutions to reducing the environmental impact of these industrial packaging. 

IPack is managed by people with more than15 years of experience in average in the industrial packaging market and has presence all over Europe. In some countries IPack is providing directly its own sustainable services and producing packaging in its own facilities and in some areas IPack works together with exclusive partners that share the same business philosophy. 

It is actually our passion for these industrial packaging that made us put together the puzzle through our business network and packaging production know-how. 

Today we can proudly say IPack manages to contribute in a sustainable way to a healthier and cleaner environment by generating a closed loop for plastics and steel packaging. Everything IPack takes back from its customer and market is reused, recycled, regenerated or gets a second life. Contact us to find out what technology and know-how is used to obtaining our ambitious goals that can help you achieving your sustainable and economical targets as well. Even if we know that the road we have chosen is difficult, long and heavy we are firmly convinced that with your support and believe in our company we can contribute together to a cleaner future! 

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